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Posted in Guatemala, Mining by dawn on 02/10/2008

A selection of my articles from 2003 till June of 2008.


Minerals, Gas and Spin-offs. A look at CIDA’s resource regulation projects in Bolivia. 2006.

Overworked and Underage: Youth and Work in Bolivia In Bolivia, 39% of the population is under 15 years old, and a disproportionate number of children begin working at a young age. What does the future hold for a country with so many young workers? 2004. In italiano.

Searching through the Scraps Beginning in the 15th century silver exploitation of Potosi and continuing to today, women have been involved in intricate and often invisible ways in the Bolivian mining sector. 2004. En français.

Sex workers of the world, Unite! Some people consider the water struggles in Cochabamba as an unprecedented victory for the poor majority against a huge water corporation; and Cochabamba’s sex workers are hoping to position their new union with as much success. 2004.


Engage Yourself: The ‘Emergency Biennale in Chechnya’ A walk through the gallery is well worth an afternoon’s time: more than 60 artists working across media break the silence about Chechnya, and speak to issues like racism, war and occupation; issues that are too often sidelined in contemporary art. 2006.

Salmon Country (with Frédéric Dubois). Farmed salmon is soon to become Chile’s number one export, outpacing copper, long the backbone of the Chilean economy. Atlantic salmon farmed on the Pacific coast of Latin America is a product that has moved from an idea in foreign boardrooms to the dinner tables of the Western world in little over thirty years. 2006.


Temporary Relief from Mining Conflicts in Ecuador, a look at the social and political situation in Ecuador with reference to transnational mining companies. Spring, 2008.


French youth turn up the heat Over the last weeks, France has been rocked by demonstrations led by university and high school students against the First Employment Contract (CPE). 2006.

Power is Young in France Youth, unions sense opportunity in labour law reversal. 2006.

Razor wire and Security forces: A deadly ‘fix’ for EU immigration policy On November 8th, I met Thieye in front of the Spanish Embassy in Berlin, where a group of about fifty people were standing on a cool November afternoon, holding large banners protesting the fences between the Spanish exclaves of Melilla and Ceuta in Morocco. 2005.


This is what Development looks like. Skye Resources, Land Reoccupation and evictions in Guatemala. 2007.

Turning Down a Gold Mine From the vantage point of the city square, it’s impossible to tell that San Miguel Ixtahuacán is at the centre of Guatemala’s mining boom. A couple of vendors sell chicken, fries and pop, but most of the stands are empty, many of the businesses are closed and broken windows dot the municipal hall. 2007.

Heads They Win, Tails You Lose: Canadian Nickel Companies in Guatemala.The story of Skye Resources in Guatemala is a story that’s been told before, almost to the letter. The dominant narrative is about the wonders of economic development thanks to a large, Canadian owned nickel project. 2008.


Gold, Skin and Bones: Goldcorp’s Adventure in Honduras The great unknowns that accompany mining mega-projects have become known in this region: pollution, contamination and displacement. 2007.


Canada’s Mining Continuum: Resources, Community Resistance and “Development” in Oaxaca. 2008. En castellano.

South Africa

Dreaming big in Cape Town A look at community organizing in Khayelitsha. 2004.

Elections in South Africa Ten years after 1994. 2004.

Only the Poor have Pre Paid Water Meters Nothing is more vital to life than water, and it is here that struggles for access to this basic service are the strongest. 2003.

Women pushed aside as Men seek Power “Throughout the 20th century, the strength of women allowed the fires of the struggle to continue,” says gender rights activist Makoma Lekalakala, “but women’s roles are still considered to be background roles.” 2004.


Everyone Dances in Uruguay: Elections 2004 In the midst of an oversaturation of US politics in North America, a look south, to Uruguay, provides insight into the changing face of Latin American politics, and a renewed hope for change on the continent. 2004.


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