Dawn Marie Paley

Reportback from AMC & interview with Alex Hundert

Posted in Uncategorized by dawn on 26/07/2010

Dear readers,

Just a quick update with a few pieces I’ve been working on. Things have been a little slow lately as I’ve been finishing my thesis and doing some coursework in order to complete my Master in Journalism at UBC. More on that later…

First, a report back from the Allied Media Conference that I prepared for the Dominion. Here’s the crux of it: “Organizers and participants made direct links between the need for alternative and radical media and broader social and economic issues including capitalism, police violence, prisons, environmental destruction, ableism, and gendered and racialized violence, to name a few. These links were made possible by a holistic approach to reclaiming media that went far beyond the idea of “media democracy” into the realm of “media justice.” To date, there is no equivalent to the AMC in Canada.”

Second, an interview with Alex Hundert, one of the 17 people facing serious charges stemming from his activism related to anti-G20 resistance. Alex had lots of amazing things to say during our interview, and I was so inspired by his courage and resolve. Here’s something I found particularly interesting about what Alex said: “For every person that they are pulling out of the movement, to the extent that they’re able to do that through criminalizing and incarcerating us, there are several people to take our place.”

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