Dawn Marie Paley

None of us are free until all of us are free

Posted in Uncategorized by dawn on 25/10/2010

There’s been a lot of prison support related activities happening over the past months in Vancouver and across Canada.

The 492 Tamil refugees that came to Canada in the summer are still in jail -held without any charge- in violation of their rights. A few weekends ago, I covered one of the weekly demos organized by folks in Vancouver to maintain a presence outside of the Burnaby detention centre where the women and children have been held for over two months.

I’ve also done a couple of pieces lately about the folks in Ontario who have been dealing with the prison/court system since the G-20 summit in Toronto. In mid-October, Alex Hundert declined to accept bail because of the onerous and isolating conditions imposed upon him. He’s now back in jail.

Yesterday I had the chance to check in with Leah Henderson, who is also facing conspiracy charges stemming from the G-20. She won a small victory in court last week, when the judge refused to impose a condition of blanket non-association with two anarchist organizations.

Finally I wanted to point my dear readers towards the 2011 Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar. The images (such as the one to the right) are beautiful, and all proceeds from the calendar go towards supporting political prisoners.

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