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Stay in the Loop: Wikileaks Cables & Latin America

Posted in Uncategorized by dawn on 07/03/2011

Hello friends!

Since November I’ve been following the Wikileaks Cablegate release closely, and have read the majority of the cables that have come out about Latin America.

I’ve decided to start an email list where I will send a once weekly or bi-weekly update that includes short (twitter length) notes on the cables I’ve revised, sorted by country. Sample email below.

If you are interested in getting these updates, please join the email list at this link:


This isn’t a discussion list and emails will be kept to a maximum of one email per week. Emails will be archived and publicly accessible at the link above.

Please share this link with anyone you think may be interested.



Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, February 27 to March 6, 2011


Argentine prosecutor learns the fine art of bending over backwards to apologize to the US: http://bit.ly/hT3z9f #cablegate


Private sector perspectives on Lula’s presidency circa 2006. Summary: Audible sighs of relief: http://bit.ly/fJmKkd #cablegate


US weapons and training essential to the war in Colombia: http://bit.ly/h3ikoh #cablegate

Gov’t of #Colombia has to use the media to “talk” with the FARC: http://bit.ly/gHNVqi #cablegate

USG operationalized Colombian intel & GOC executed USG plans in 70% of 29 guerrilla takedowns in 05-06: http://bit.ly/eAoAfw #cablegate

Colombia, 2003: AUC founder Carlos Castraña gives a recipe for the “Bacrim” that today haunt the country: http://bit.ly/dFNjDh #cablegate

Colombian gov’t rotten to the core with paramilitary & narco ties, USG willing to believe it’s just gossip: http://bit.ly/enISON #cablegate

Canadian company Canwest involved in sale of helicopters from Israel to paramilitaries in Colombia: http://bit.ly/edOtlh #cablegate #cdnpoli

Cable traces military helicopters from US to paramilitary warehouse in Colombia, via Israel: http://bit.ly/edOtlh #cablegate

Uribe took drug money in campaign donations and the USG doesn’t really seem to care http://bit.ly/eg8C8h #cablegate #Colombia

US-Colombia FTA wld help major sugar producers in Valle de Cauca (aka. the Lülle family), the rest lose: http://bit.ly/f5EUBf #cablegate

Ex-Governor of Valle de Cauca, #Colombia, voted for his own party (PDA) out of loyalty, not conviction: http://bit.ly/dSFDmH #cablegate


USG concerns w/Costa Rica-China normalizing relationship: human & drug trafficking: http://bit.ly/hTwe1q #cablegate

Interesting: China had no official ties with Costa Rica. http://bit.ly/h89XW0 #cablegate

Closest thing to a UFO cable yet: Costa Rica to Construct Plasma-Propelled Space Rocket http://bit.ly/hhhPiz #cablegate

Straight up random: USG warns diplomats not to eat peanuts if they go to Costa Rica: http://bit.ly/fMnN7g #cablegate

Tico anti-DR-CAFTA flick featuring Abu Ghraib, A-bomb & Judas kissing Jesus falls “just short of libel”: http://bit.ly/hXolyu #cablegate

DR-CAFTA: US protected agricultural subsidies but Costa Rica couldn’t protect telecoms/insurance http://bit.ly/ev6Cuu #cablegate

USG throws up barriers to “free trade” in an attempt to limit Chinese exports http://bit.ly/hkbpMW #cablegate

“Legislation to open the insurance and telecommunications industries” required under DR-CAFTA http://bit.ly/hkqr6Y #cablegate


Canada-Mexico focus: cooperation & intel on migration, emergency mgmt, marine security & law enforcement http://bit.ly/gXmweB #cablegate

USG: Canada seeking to “support Calderon’s efforts to reform the police, corrections, and judicial sectors.” http://bit.ly/e5gC6e #cablegate

USG 2009: “Clearly Mexico is not an impending failed state” http://bit.ly/g8aE1S #cablegate

Monterrey casinos are ideal places to launder money, rob someone, and deal drugs. http://bit.ly/eO7ocx #cablegate

USG: Televisa grenade attack in #Monterrey may have been carried out by political mafias, not drug cartels http://bit.ly/eCAZBu #cablegate


Still surprised at how much of a client state Peru is, extradition treaty only requires “probable” cause http://bit.ly/gFfg4y #cablegate

Those pesky judges! Peruvian judiciary an “obstacle” to US getting the extraditions they want: http://bit.ly/fkRzJ7 #cablegate

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