Dawn Marie Paley

A note on my Wikileaks methodology

Posted in Uncategorized by dawn on 27/03/2011

So as folks may be aware I’m a cable junkie, and have started sending out weekly updates of Latin American cables.

A couple readers have asked me how I go about looking at the Wikileaks cables I send out every week, so I thought I would include a short note on my methodology.

Multiple times a week, I go to this link:

I scroll down the page to “Browse Latest Releases” and find that day’s cables.

I then scroll through all the cables manually, and read as many of the Latin America ones as I can handle. If there’s only a couple dozen, I generally read them all. If there’s over say fifty in a day, I try and make sure to read one from every series of cables (multiple cables with similar names).

If I find something interesting, I’ll tweet it. There’s nothing more to it: I force feed myself warehouse sized quantities of diplomatic blah blah on an almost daily basis.

On a somewhat related note, I do my best to ignore Julian Assange. Bradley Manning, on the other hand, deserves all of our support.

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