Dawn Marie Paley

St’át’imc-Hydro Agreement, Update on Mexico

Posted in Uncategorized by dawn on 21/04/2011

Hello friends,

Well it’s been a busy month. I’ve made my way back to Vancouver, setting up shop in a rickety 106 year old house in an area that was once known as Khanamoot. It’s been amazing to be back and I’m looking forward to spending the summer here.

The Vancouver Media Co-op is humming along, every day there’s inspiring new articles and posts. I recently posted a story on a deal between St’át’imc negotiators/chiefs and BC Hydro, which was picked up today by The Dominion.

I’ve been working away on a couple of other projects, including writing a history of the Media Co-op Network, and following up on some of the stories I was researching in Mexico.

If you click here, you can listen to a talk I gave on Monday about northeast Mexico. I only used half of the time allotted, as the panel was supposed to be about uprisings, and I couldn’t bring myself to talk about anything other than the worsening state-organized-crime assault on Mexican people and migrants.  The other speakers on the panel were excellent, uplifting even… Definitely worth a listen.

More soon,


P.S. After my last post, Wikileaks went over two weeks without posting a new cable, so my schedule got thrown off a little… I’m still tracking cables, but the access site has changed, it is now: http://wikileaks.ch/cablegate.html

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